Review of Nita in Borneo Jazz 2012

Frigg is a Lifestyle and Entertainment media publication that lives on the internet and they have covered the Borneo Jazz 2012 where Nita performed. They had this to say about Nita’s performance:


Nita Aartsen

Image Credit: frigglive/Veronica Ng

Fast rising Indonesian star Nita Aartsen is all about the connection between classical, jazz, a delightful touch of bossa and Latin music. Nita is a gifted pianist who also sings and she stands out as a music composer. Be it pop, rock, blues, classical, or any other genre, she breathes soul into it to make it alive.

On her website, Nita says “Music is like home to me.. It’s like a dining room where I have my harmony food, it’s like a bed to lie down and relax my mind from my restlessness, it’s like a living room where I join my fellow musicians, and even a spiritual room for my peace and inspiration. Music is also like a big garden for joy, fun and excitement.”

It was plain to see that music is everything for Nita, and that was what she gave at the Borneo Jazz Festival. Her show was thoroughly enjoyed by her audience. My favorite had to be “Lullaby of Motherland”, where her forceful Piano playing weaved skillfully through the pounding bass and hypnotic vocals.